This angel is made of star dust and fire.

This one has a dove in its ribcage.

This angel is made of fig trees, olive groves, and wine.

This one’s heart opens like the gates of Judah.

This one is clay, is earthenware and porcelain.

This angel’s innards are balanced on the edge of a sword.

This one smells like burning spices.

This angel who was in bondage is set free.

This angel is made of thistles and thorns.

Of coal and sapphire.

Of bronze and silver, iron and stone.

Of plaster and whitewash.

Of hail and winds.

An angel of linen, an angel of silk.

This angel eats only manna.

This angel holds up the morning star.

This angel is blind and naked.

This angel is thunder and lightning, sun’s rainbowed aftermath.

This angel has no face but is a thousand mirrors reflecting

the face of God to God.

So She Sets Off