City Solitude

Take a walk through the city alone
with your thoughts as your company,
your hands enveloped in your own pockets for warmth.
Feel the cold wind whip down the street as you turn the corner
and soak in the feeling of insignificance
next to the tall buildings, the busy streets,
and the crowds jostling around you,
none seeing you there.
Smile when you realize it doesn’t matter if they did see you.
Tonight, you don’t need them to.

Tonight, your heart warms itself with Dhikr, praises of Allah,
whispered under your breath,
lifted to the skies by merit of their mention of Him,
ever-heard by He who Hears all.
As the flashing city lights against the night sky,
the gratitude rushes through you,
a light stronger than any strobe.
Because tonight you get to know the power of surrender to Allah,
the power of independence from any human,
the power of being alone but not feeling alone,
for not everyone gets to experience it at all.

Toward the Light