They’re local kids—Jews, Muslims

who’ve played together for years

in the mountain plazas of the Galilee;


tonight they’ve got special guests—

a Bedouin boy soprano, and a rapper rabbi.


The moon’s full, but we have to wait

for three stars in the sky

signaling the end of Shabbat


so the religious Jews can arrive.

Meanwhile, an Arab family stands at the grill


buying falafel for their hungry boys, 

while teens arrange embroidered pillows 

for perfect snogging under the stars. 


They’ll sing in five languages, play the saz, 

bansuri flute, exotic drums, camanché,  


dark strings pulsing in the stagnant air.  The boy’s songs 

will incite a riot of dancing; the rabbi will ask

permission to sing a Jewish prayer that heralds 


the coming of Elijah, precursor to the Messiah. Peace 

for k’ol ha’olam. The starry world.

soft girl, sharp edges