Dollhouse Boyfriend

Grade school boyfriend with
curly blond hair makes jokes
walks me home even plays
dollhouse a few times until
he says he can’t anymore
because his his dad doesn’t
want him playing with girls

at least it’s not about
my being Jewish but
I feel bruised by this thud
of rejection another empty
afternoon no one to play with
but boring Patty next door
we’re only eight years old no clue

about who we are or might become
already have a habit of blaming myself
for whatever’s gone wrong but
decades later he surprises me
with a ‘friend’ post via Facebook
and I’m glad to see him smiling
alive in Florida next to

what looks like grandkids
and whoever that woman may be
leaving his secrets secret
privacy untarnished no idea whether
he’s still sensitive and gentle
grateful he’s found a way to say hello
via electromagnetic technology invite me
to visit his computerized dollhouse.

Nina Rubinstein Alonso

Heavenly Garden
Isn’t It Wonderful