Enough is Enough

When will Enough be enough?
Spirit of Life
Spirit of Love
Spirit of Transformation
you of many names
We ask that you enter this space
enter our hearts
ease our minds
We carry the burden of loss
We have lost Ahmaud Arbery
Lost Sean Read
Lost Little Richard
Breona Taylor
George Floyd*
Our Trans sister Nina Pop
Andre Harrell
We sit in this loss
some of it from injustice
some loss just a natural part of life
but we grieve all the same
May we be reminded that death is a part of life
and it is our duty as the living
to carry on the names and stories of our people

May we make space for the sex worker
may we make room for our trans siblings
may we make space for the missing and murdered indigenous women and Femmes
may we make space for black mamas and caregivers locked up
may we make space for the folks that just found out they are HIV positive during a pandemic
May we make space for the organizers
may we make space for the revolutionaries
the co-conspirators
the allies and the accomplices
may we move in solidarity
and talk openly about sex, politics, white supremacy
may we move to change the world

Because nobody got us but us
may we forever carry this in our hearts

Blessed Be, Amen, Ashe, and Aho!

Matthew J. Andrews

Writing for my life