Finding Mom

I have her ashes, her home,
all of her cluttered possessions
but am lost regarding her current

The answer is in metaphysics, I’m told,
and write about this in my journal.
I get as far as the question
in cursive, which I carry with me all day,

because the problem with absolute
answers is that you begin think they exist
for everything.
my root chakra
is lacking, so I do root chakra

things: eat root vegetables
and orange-colored fruit,
water the garden in bare
feet. The cardinal that visits
my garden every day pecks

sunflower seeds from exhausted
heads. I think of Mom
since the cardinal is a sign
that someone we love is near
and yes, this is where
my mother is – in the garden
and in the bird; in blooms
and in the grass. And she is in me

just as I am in the garden and
consequently, too, this
is where god might reside
if such a belief could
situate itself in my mind.

Lisa Hase-Jackson

Finding Ourselves Rooted