For better, for worse

Sanitize, Maintain social a distance, Sneeze into your elbow
Did anyone stop to think
Of that man working in the far off lands?
He is holding a hammer
The last nail needs to be hit
He is holding a syringe
He can’t put it down
Lockdown! Final warning
Mummy where is daddy?
Quiet, Princess, he will be here soon!
Inwardly she is conflicted
What if he has the virus–
Am I prepared to die with him
Somebody is there a law for spouses ?
He is knocking on the door
Stand back! She says
Open up darling, I missed you
I have to sanitize you
Did you really miss me?
I missed you but please I need to call help line
I need a home test kit
My husband might have Covid-19
Darling, can I get in?
Daddy is home, mummy
Stay back!
Honey, you said for better, for worse
Let me in
Put on the mask, Wash your hands, Remove your clothes
Wait, you coughed
Are you scared I will infect you ?
But you said for better, for worse?

Banqobile Virginia Dakamela

The Words We Speak
I’m ebony black