Whoever saves one life saves the world.
And there are many who will be rescued.
Gino will continue on in secret
because good works are undercover now.
Safe passage hidden there inside the frame
like a mezuzah in its little case.
The wings that carry it down the white roads
of Tuscany are the wings of angels.
Daughter of Nazareth, consider him
as you look down from Mt. Carmel, which is
a watchtower, fort, and unexpected garden.
Daughter of Nazareth, protect us.

(Translated by Don Bogen)

Quien una vida salva, salva el mundo.
Y muchas van a ser las rescatadas.
Gino lo mantendrá siempre en secreto,
porque el bien se hace, pero no se dice.
Salvoconductos en el cuadro ocultos,
como las mezuzás en sus cajitas
Son ángeles las alas que lo llevan
por los blancos caminos de Toscana.
Niña de Nazareth, que lo contemplas
desde el monte Karmel, que es atalaya,
imprevisto jardín y fortaleza.
Niña de Nazareth, que nos defiendes.


Note: Gino Bartali (1914-2000) was a champion Italian cyclist who risked his life protecting Jews during World War II, conveying travel documents concealed in the frame of his bicycle. Credited with helping to save some eight hundred Jewish families, he is recognized as one of the Righteous among the Nations at the Yad Vashem memorial in Israel.
Mar Saba
Ghar El Melh