Green Thumb

You whispered to the leaves
of our potted plants,

spoke sweet nothings to the succulents
hanging from our garden rafters.

I figured you had heard the news
that flowers bloom brighter

in the wake of warm words,
but you laughed when I remarked

on your intelligence,
stroked the tendrils of a fern

and shook your head.
No, you whispered to the plants

to hear them whisper back,
to hear the spirits within

speak sweet nothings to your soul,
and watch in companionable joy

as you both stood a little taller,
nourished by something

I never believed in
and always wished I had.

Emily Uduwana

Emily Uduwana is a poet based in Southern California. Her literary publications include work in Specter Literary Magazine and Straylight Literary Arts Magazine, along with upcoming pieces in Miracle Monocle, Eclectica Magazine, and the Owen Wister Review. Uduwana is currently working towards her Ph.D. in history at the University of California, Riverside.

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