Heart of wood

I know you are tired, but come,
this is the way —
through the shadows —
To the heart of the wood.
Will you come?

I know you are tired,
And the night presses on —
but seek the lost and secret path.
Will you come?

I know you are weary,
but this is the way —
past the thorns that catch your sleeve.
Only look at the midnight sky,
cradling the white shard of moon.
It lumines your steps.
Will you come?

And though you are tired but
in the blackness
find your hope.
Let your light ignite the lantern,
Let it vanquish the dark;
It will last to daybreak,
but do not tarry.

Come, though you are weary.
Remain on the path.
Hear the wind whisper the way.
Remember only a purity
like cut steel,
Drawn out of the depths
of your heart,
moves you forward.

So, will you come?
though you are tired?
Can you conquer the forest?
Become the lantern?
Use the sword of revelation
it cuts wide,
and penetrates the long and bitter night.
It will guide you safely home.

Susan Evans