Higher than the Hills

I went to the hills to find myself and found myself
patiently smiling beneath the tallest tree
on top of the world.
I rose to greet myself and became lost in an embrace.
Above an eagle drifted and the wind wandered
through the trees,
their leaves whispering
about the wonders waiting
behind this world.

I took off my heavy bag and watched me unpack it on the forest floor.
“I could have carried less,” I said.
But I just smiled back at me and said,
“You are allowed to live the life you have
wandered into.
Just keep coming back to me
when too many joys begin to burden your bag
I will always be waiting for you
to wake and wander outside
and in wonder see yourself as someone worthy
of basking in the light of a thousand stars.

Learn to love all that you carry
and lift each task like the wine of your wedding.
Your spirit married this body for you
to find out that forever is a fragrance that flies
from the flower your heart visits
like a bee making love with the body of life.

As you were learning to live,
life was learning your laughter
and studying your smile for clues of who is the father
of this son begotten by a breath of solar wind
then suckled by the softness of a world
where delicate lives are lived
beneath an ever-changing sky
where oceans travel in clouds
to far away corners
so the children of dreams can chance the dance
of becoming everything beautiful
by losing all fear of taking flight.”

Luke Armstrong

From an early age Luke Maguire Armstrong fell in love with words and his writing and unique perspective on life seasons from a life lived around the world. He is an award winning author of seven books, and bases his life and travels from a Mayan village life where he works to enable the holistic education of 80 impoverished children through The Integral Heart Family education center. He lives on Lake Atitlan at the artist/writer retreat center/community he founded, Karuna Atitlan. Sometimes his joy is the cause of his smile, other times his smile causes his joy.

Silver-Tipped Japanese Grass
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