I Gave A Gift

I gave a gift to my parents,
an indecipherable scrawl,

they put it on the fridge, sent it to the relatives
and taught me to do more than crawl.

I gave a gift to my beloved,
a bleeding, pulsating thing.
She dabbed its red tears, soothed all its fears,
and it began to sing.

I gave a gift to my creator,
a sodden, warbling prayer.
He calmed its weeping, and after speaking,
it became something that I could share.

I gave a gift to a student,
a book instead of a broom,
he picked it up as if for good luck,
then threw it across the room.

So I gave a gift to his mother
and told her what he did,
she went to ground him and promptly found him
quietly reading it.

July Night, More Rain
To the UBC Aquatic Centre Women’s Locker Room