I Hear You

Celebrate that high maintenance client you didn’t ditch and
the humble repair gesture you made
toward your spouse
Celebrate the way your dog loves to
sleep at your feet and
your ego’s uncanny way of teaching you
about sacred fragility
and who you really are
below the stormy white caps of performance
Celebrate moonlit walks to nowhere
and the unexpected encounters that you are
willing to fall into
Celebrate how you can bow to mystery
for being mysterious
and reliably ungraspable
Celebrate the way singing an old hymn
from a complicated religion can still
bring a tear to your eye,
and remind you of holding your grandmother’s hand.
Celebrate your effort to like yourself,
better, more, and with
the same forgiveness you effortlessly spill
out from your heart for
your very own defeated child
Celebrate letting go of yesterday
and the hidden joy
that will astonish you
as you meander your road

Andrew Rice

In My Dreams I Call
the fourth body