Juice Ex Machina

When wine ran out at the wedding in Cana,
why did Mary request and expect Jesus
(who seemed slightly exasperated)
to act as an on-demand, divine liquor store?

Yet, gallons of fermented juice of grapes
appeared where only water had been.
But sermons are rarely preached about all that wine,
and the awkward subject gets changed when mentioned.

This first miracle by Jesus still seems odd.
It wasn’t a person’s healing from a dreadful condition.
It wasn’t a life-changing event for those in dire need.
It was just a favor to his mom
to avoid family embarrassment.

“Mary, save miracles for crucial things,”
we might self-righteously judge.
We, of course, never pray petty requests.
So we can feel smug
over such undeserved
and unconditional compassion.

Mark Stucky

Saving Ourselves