Mark 10:14

she tells us she’s been struggling
because her eldest child
has come out as bisexual, and
is changing the name she gave him

(we hear that her eldest child has grown
into who he has always been
and has gifted himself with a name
to show her, the world, who

he must always be—forever
loving the image of God in all
the world). she says he showed her
a tattoo healing inside his wrist

(an image of God’s love for all).
but she worries—she questions,
grabbing his tattooed wrist—
whether his baptism will hold.

full of worry, she questions if
God will know him by his new name,
will uphold his baptism, will
still recognize him as His own

(we hear God whispering the name
given in secret before the world
could recognize its own stillness,
stretching arms to enfold His child).

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