From the painful ways of birth
The system preys upon the hurt of black women
Their pain, their feelings, marked as exaggerated
It’s invisible to them, those who use the tools of systemic racism
Their token lives are lost and remain a statistic
We’re fishing for change in our pockets but nothings there
A mother bout lost her child until the nurses finally cared
Heart rate was at 0, yet we look to them to be our heroes?
And then pay the bill with about six zeroes
For what? Your inattentiveness
Cuz you’re told they tend to be overdramatic, rachet?
Try passionate, educated, and yet you call them crazy
I’m asking you, what do you know about what black women go through
Have gone through
So much trauma, call it generational
Never get applause when you’re mimicking their style
They’re so inspirational
Never ask how the fuck they feel
Half of your ancestors wouldn’t be here without their breast milk
Fed y’all asses when they couldn’t even feed their own
Nun but dirty water and cows milk, and end up dead on a stone
While massa’s child thrived and survived cuz their worth more than gold
You should be thanking these women for being here cuz reparations is owed
So when you pick and choose what to pay attention to
Remember this thing called melanin blues

Myles McCollum

Capital Punishment
Again and Again