Prayer Against the Binary

god bless the man in platform boots
god bless the woman in a tux
what does man or woman mean except division
of what is whole? They say the universe
is still expanding—how can we cling
to hers or his? Each of us is just a speck
on a speck of stone within a galaxy
of specks, which is itself a speck
in the cosmos. Zoom out: then tell me
how we can presume to know
a blessed thing

and all praise to the heavenly Motherfather,
all glory to the Great Them, who told Moses
I will be what I will be, and named Themselves.
Who, in Their infinite mercy gave us one job:
to embody Them. Grant that we may see
those milky bands across the sky as
fingerprints too big to comprehend.
May we see Them in ourselves as well, and say:
I am, the plural who is one. May we be whole,
not half.

E.D. Watson

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