Pure and Simple

Have you ever seen

    Radiant red bird

         Atop the nameless bare tree

              Of a stark white winters’ day

Bright with song, you may even say,

    Busily about its purpose?

         Or have you, yourself,

              Perhaps on the flipside of winter

In the fiery blades of summer,

    Ever lingered under a shaggy green tree

         With nothing-

              The ego, nor its intention,

Which could very well be

    Our sole occupation,

         And, pure and simple,

              Felt the surge of your belonging?

Haven’t you then,

    With the whole of your body, also

         Wanted to sing aloud

              As if from the tops of the trees-

That cantering ramble

    Of praise and gladness

         For this,

              Another day?

Chris Duffy

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