River is Full of Himself Today

River is full of himself today
Dragonlord under a china blue sky
resplendent in lapis and cedar green scales
shining like the sun
swollen with self-importance

He runs his tongue
along the silt-smooth banks
nibbles on the embedded stones
sucks, rolls them around in his mouth
and spits them out
like cherry pits

We Cedars and Broadleaf Maples
standing close to the edge
risk being pulled in feet first
as he sucks the soil from our roots
and grabs at our low hanging limbs

He is a rebellious teenager now
disrespecting and bullying
the neighborhood ancients
But we old ones have seen this many times before

He is young and
full of restless energy
always in a rush
But he brings us needed water for which we are thankful

And come the summer drought
River will not be so puffed up
Puny, slow moving, and weak from the heat
he will be grateful for our shade

Allison Douglas-Tourner

Allison Douglas-Tourner lives in Victoria, BC, Canada. Her poetry has been published in The Antigonish Review and Island Writer Magazine, and received honorable mention in the Writers Digest Annual Writing Competition. She believes in the importance of quiet everyday moments.

“God is growing.” –Rainer Maria Rilke
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