Say prayer’s correctly rubbing God’s back

Say prayer’s correctly rubbing God’s back
like a rabbit’s foot clutched in a pocket,
or an ancient Persian lamp gathering
dust on a shelf, one wish held in reserve.
it’s making sure the horseshoe’s heel faces
up, lest the blessings leak. perhaps prayers
are dreamcatchers aligned like satellites
transmitting psalms to celestial spheres,
or some other means of snapping fingers
in front of God’s face: grabbing attention
without the need for screams emanating
from the red-soaked earth, clay calling Potter
to account for—or at least questioning—
the cracks in the crucifix on the wall.


Originally published in The Amethyst Review https://amethystmagazine.org/2020/04/23/say-prayers-correctly-rubbing-gods-back-a-poem-by-meh/

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