Anything can be verbed.
So . . . what if “God”
was a verb rather than a noun?
People would have to stop trying
to define him, or her, or it, or them,
and arguing over what, and when, and where,
and how, and whether still,
and other ineffables,
and concede not only the ineffability
but the impracticality of it all.

What would be left is the memory
that whatever the noun was supposed to signify
was a Good thing,
or things,
or being,
or beings,
and that–
with god now verbed–
actions that were good and loving
would be god-ing,
and there would be
as many god-ings as there are huggings
and kissings
and meals fed to the hungry
and bandages put on wounds;
and there would always be
plenty of opportunities
to god your neighbor.

Carlton Holte

Carlton Holte was born in Minnesota in the age of black-and-white TV; grew up playing under bridges, along creeks, and in cornfields; went to school and more school; and has juggled gigs as teacher, writer, editor, strategic marketer, and a few less wordy things. A recent transplant to Albuquerque, he is enjoying the sunsets and chiles, and tends to write about trees, blue water, and special people.

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