Sit here long enough

   says the river  I will retrieve 

what was lost  


        But time  I reply  it goes 

back and forth 


That tree you loved?  

  asks the river


        Yes  its generous spring blossoming

      and its cradle and drape of art 

    students   sketchbooks 

on their knees   

                         What do you 

know of this, river?


      It lives in you 

          depends on you 

        as you in me


  The river’s face blazed 

      and I could barely 

  stand to look into it  


         but as I stood there 

it softened to a blush 

   and then almost disappeared


        How can you not decide? 

I asked


The sun  said the river

             it comes 

     and it goes   

Mary Buchinger

Mary Buchinger, author of six collections of poetry, including Navigating the Reach (Salmon Poetry, 2023), Virology (Lily Books, 2022), einfühlung/in feeling (Main Street Rag, 2018), has work in Agni, DIAGRAM, Gargoyle, Laurel Review, Maine Review, phoebe, Plume, Salamander, Salt Hill, Seneca Review, and elsewhere. She teaches at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and serves on the board of the New England Poetry Club. Website: www.MaryBuchinger.com.

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