swans mate for life

but this one is alone in the small pond of water 

beneath the falls where the river remains open

every night she circles  inside those boundaries of ice

too late now she commits to winter  

like the rest of us   her long arched neck 

the curve of wings   framed in wintry landscape 

a fairy tale   the white river  

a highway of stars   snow weighing on pines

heavy and beautiful is this curse 

keeping us all asleep  forever

hushed clouds of breath   a solitary sound 

dropping from black branches  like the quiet flap of wings

caught in this pond I am circling 

singing all night our tale  a frozen world

the ache inside waking   outside the given  

outside the resting place   where I call the name

I do not know    to be known  

my own name called in return that light might come 

swimming up from the dark    resurrected in these flowing waters

we never learn how  swan lost her shadow 

only that she waits and he  like spring

might never arrive

Mother Earth