Time is Catching Up

Time is catching up
after all these years.

Nowhere to go but right here.

The planets, strung like beads
from the sun, have purposely
aligned themselves against us.

They’re folding time in their fist
at the end of long summer.

No surprise, we’ve been rushing
toward this moment for years

Progress’s waterfall; wind sheer
pushing down planes…

Stand. Stand now.
Not for but right here

Fire over your head
Earth beneath your feet
The Air and Water that
flow and make up your body

Let that thin silver wire
that descends from the sun
follow the length of your breathing,
anchor you into the ground…

Let your heart’s hands gradually open
as you spin; drawing the planets
into your gravity’s orbit.

Hang them from the tips of your fingers.
Whisper your prayer in their ear.

Nowhere to go but right here.

Tracy Lightsey

The Nearness of Art
Cosmic Lesson