To Save Us From the Dark

Every atom
vibrant with life,
in the smallest creature
a spirit of fight
to survive. But beyond
the life and fight,
a holy light – a spark
dispelling the dark.

Call the source from which
it ignites whatever you wish –
love, God, Gaia,
Center Galactic Source,
Creator of all Creation,
Great Spirit, Mother, Father.
Holy sparks scattered
by the desert lark’s flight,
by bioluminescent plankton
glowing at the shoreline.

Daffodils frilling the greening
hills, whippoorwills calling,
stalling the night’s chill.
Holy sparks to counter
the Age of Terror, which would
extinguish all hope if we could not
distinguish between the false
and the holy, the latter preventing
our returning to the Dark Age.
Holy sparks in stardust, which of course
comes down to us – is us.

A warbler announcing spring,
doing his holy spark-flinging thing.
A fig tree full of sun-baked soil
and holy sparks within each fruit.
Even in the least-loved ragweed,
the millipede – holy, holy
sparks to save us from the dark.

Come Bask in the Divine Light
Prayer After Receiving Communion