Today is a Day I’m Searching for Words

Maybe nesting in the pile of potholders
in the kitchen drawer that’s always slamming,
between the crying child, the simmering pots.
Someone’s at the door, there’s a knocking,
selling siding, asking if I’m saved.
I’ve seen a painting of Jesus
knocking at a door,
but it can only be opened
from the inside. Maybe the words
hide in the roofing brochure,
the Watchtower magazine,
or right outside under the doormat. Actually,
there’s the word – WELCOME – welcome friends,
welcome strangers, welcome Jesus, bounty, hardship,
welcome everything that’s crossed
the threshold of this place. The words are in
and out and all around, everywhere I look,
in the baby sparrow’s throat
in the nest in the bush right outside the door,
not yet ready to fly but ready to sing.

Sarah DeCorla-Souza