Vote or Die

Discrimination is what Blacks been facing for years.
Taking the lives of young Black men got us all in tears.
Recidivism is at an all time high for a Black man.
The government don’t insist on designing a rehabilitative plan.
They want to continue to enforce Jim Crow laws to keep us bound.
We have to show unity with Black Power, and be determined to stand our ground.
We face all types of obstacles in the land of the free.
Black people have been lied to for centuries, and that’s obvious to see.
Black women being raped by their slave owners, sabotaging the Black race.
Then for them to say that we’re not a part of America, is such a disgrace.
We have to rise above all the assassinations.
And continue to strive to give our kids the best education.
Teach them about the laws and the government that’s political.
The way they can maneuver through situations, when they get critical.
Vote or Die “Puff Daddy” said it a long time ago.
If we don’t come together, “How will we continue to grow?”
We must vote for the one that will increase our chances at success.
Rather than vote for the ones that get into office, only to finesse.
We need a leader that can lead us in this promised land.
And that could provide us a way for every woman, child and man.
Black America; Whie America; Brown America; we all need to come together, and show humanity.
God sees us all as one, regardless of our nationality.
Government and police officer’s shouldn’t show racism and brutality.
We as people have the voices to vote; or face reality.
I believe voting can make a change.
If we choose not to, it will only stay the same.
Our Ancestors have shed blood, sweat and tears.
Only to be denied the right to vote years upon years.
See me, I’m fed up with this, one sidedness and this lack of having success.
This is something I must confess, because Blacks are still being oppressed.

Black America! Vote or Die.

Marcello Gibbs

The Air Rises Up, the Fire Burns Further
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