Women’s March

We are the peace builders
We are the future
We are NOW
We are the mothers who march for the disappeared each week on the square
We are students and teachers, mothers, and daughters
We are active pacifists
We are lovers, nurturers
We are the granddaughters of the witches they did not burn
We are appalled
We are radiant
We are suffragettes, story tellers
We are nasty
We are pure
We are spring, winter, summer
We will not falter
We are poets, painters
We are the muses
Your hate has brought us here.
We are the women in covered wagons nursing babies
We are Eve, Miriam, Deborah
We are Anna Karenina and Hester Prynne
We are judges, rabbis
In our pockets we have change.
In our handbags
We have cheerios and dried cranberries.
We are immigrants
We are explorers, map makers, travelers
We are terra incognita
We are Latinas
We are every letter of the alphabet
We are gypsies
We are Amerigo Vespucci naming America
We are navigating the straights of Magellan
We are sisters, resisters
We are “homeful”
We are hopeful
We are Hannah Senesh parachuting into enemy territory
We are the resistance

Singing of Migration