Capital Punishment

(Verse 1)
Framed for my black skin
It’s hard to speak in past tense
When the same shit keep happening
Target acquired
Ready to shoot, aim, fire
More guns for hire is what the harassment inspires
And the threats fuel the desire to fight back
Peaceful or riot
There’s power to the many
There’s peace to the few
And you already know I’m lookin for peace when i look at you
Cuz I may need help when I’m in deep ridicule
It’s crazy what lies can do to a man who’s seeking freedom
Battling between insanity, and so vulnerable to prey
It’s hard to survive when you’re enslaved so physically
And they expect you to break
And a lot of men do
They end up hanging from sheets before the clock hits noon
They wonder why haven’t you?
Cuz willpower is hope’s biggest tool
I mean there’s faith and there’s strength
And holding onto the truth
It shouldn’t take divine intervention to save you
But without enough word of mouth
You can go unnoticed
Your life is surely real, just takes one person to voice it
(Verse 2)
There’s continuous death that hangs over my head
I’m just tryna find a way out to escape the bloodshed
I’m just tryna keep my hood up without being a suspect
I wanna live, don’t want to be killed in custody
And have the news say it was suicide
Mark my words that’s never me
I don’t want to be a shield to the police
An innocent bystander
Who was never named and forgotten in a week
Week by week, the cycle repeats
Shot down, spread around, retweeted, cops get off, no rest for family
That’s the American dream
Oh say you can see justice
By the dawn’s early light
Can we see a better country
Universe knows I want to but as always
Red white and blue stands for freedom until they’re flashing behind you