For Those Who Pray

Bring gape as well as Agape, whatever creed the day will bear instead of screed, and offer neither crow, nor crown. Allow Ave and have. Pour mercy over deadliness and deadlines. Let glob be globe, at rest on axis and spinning like a star. Let descant rescue our descents and decent be sufficient to the day. May muss turn into muse and feed us lovely words. Lead dread resolve to tread and bring us safe returnreturnreturn. Where cares spill forth like volcanoes, let prayer be water’s caress, receiving fire and making islands where new growth takes root, survives the storms. Let prayer be island. Be lit window. Be unbreakable and unbreaking. Let it be play in the breathing fields. Be fields, be breath, be the quiver of aspen leaves, water over rock. And let me learn praying. I have no silence in me, though I sleep.

When I Was Young And Old
Seeing the World Through Jody’s Window