Seeing the World Through Jody’s Window

Like a pigeon on the roof.





Wondering why 

we are 

the way 

we are.


Do not align yourself to the physical.

It is fleeting and arbitrary.

And bound to disappoint. 



Be here

Be now

Be love.

He spoke as he closed his eyes 

– for the last time.

It’s a brittle existence on this plain.

But we will all be one.

R.T. Notaro

R.T. Notaro is a news photographer/writer/producer, currently working in Philadelphia. In over 30 years in the television industry R.T. has been nominated for three Emmy Awards with one win along with two AP News Awards. When not writing R.T. can be found cooking, reading or trying to improve on guitar. R.T. writes on a variety of topics because nothing should be off limits. Recently published in: In Parentheses Magazine, Santa Clara Review, Progenitor Art and Literary Journal, Wingless Dreamer and The Antonym Magazine. Twitter: @rtnotaro

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