the fourth body

locate your feet
and hands
let it go
do this multiple times
visit the back of the heart
where a curve of light exist
in the shape of a hum
carved out of the shadow
of your tongue
watch the earth repeat itself
like a child asking questions
without understanding boundaries
arriving to the fate that we are
looking at ourselves
the way the night stares back
at you from there to here
re-remembering that
mirrors correlate
to distance similar to
the way a body of water has its
recurring destination-
i’ve been here before
and i will come again
like that one time I went
to a mountain in another life
I had a different body
microscopic and buoyant
no face, no word, just a
withdrawing silhouette
with a soul for language
that placed me here now
and like the earth’s crust
we are brittle and
we can break easily
discontinue from this terrain
making a concept out of flesh and skin
forgetting that there is another sun
that we do not talk about where
travelers of the body observe from
unafraid to translate the world
into another body

I Hear You
life, unfolding